Unlike Jimmy, I don’t have to take the 5.15 to Brighton to drink gin by the sea.

I was born and bred in the seaside town made famous by the mods. A local “Jimmy”. My eyes were opened to the musical heritage of the city after coming out of a showing of ‘Grease’ in 1978 with my late mother, to witness the filming of the fight scene in ‘Quadrophenia’. Mum who had witnessed the ’Orrible ’Ooh in their “girly mod” heyday in ‘64/‘65 at the legendary Florida Ballrooms. A venue they were eventually banned from.

I was given my very own record player the following Christmas. And that was it. The start of the addiction. That, and seeing Boney M. My first gig. My first record player. Christmas 1979.

Thirty six years later and approaching a ‘mod-lfe’ crisis it is time to share the debris. Scribble it down, the music and memories that have soundtracked my life. Before they beome fuzzy, like Pete Townsend’s hearing.

Everything I write and share on this site is dedicated to the memory of my mum who started this journey with her two crackly Beatles LPs and a Johnny Kidd and the Pirates 7". And to my dad, a man still with us in body but suffering with dreadful dementia. His mind a mess of scrambled information lost forever.

Why did he walk out of a Beatles gig?

These are my stories.

I can bloody well tell you why I walked out of a Stiff Little Fingers gig....